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A little sampling of my production work, showcasing the bulk of what I do.

From Ashes to New:

Until We Break ft. Matty Mullins

I had the privilege of being involved in writing this song, along with several others on FATN's forthcoming 2023 album, "Blackout".

Alustrium: This Hollow Ache

Alustrium has been a shared brainchild for well over a decade. This is the best example of "firing on all cylinders"; writing, performing, producing & mixing. Mastered by the Master; Ermin Hamidovic.

Huxley: Flesh & Bone

Another multi-service release and a bonafide hard rock banger. Vocals co-written with Ricky Armellino, all instruments, production and mixing/mastering by yours truly.

The Art of Deception: Afflictions

TAOD is a long time mix/master client and a great example of what a young band can do with a humble recording setup and a spare room.

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